Runaways, the award winning comic series from Marvel Entertainment, looks to finally be going before the movie cameras this Jan.

Of course, this movie has been in “development hell” since 2007, so there is still no guarantee it will really happen.  However, all that being said, as a recent convert to the series, I am really hopeful it is happening.

After Marvel gave away the first issue of the series on its iPad app, I immediately ordered the first three volumes of the trade paperbacks, and I was hooked.  I’m only up to the fifth volume now, and while I so far think the first story arc was the best, it is highly engaging and unique.

Essentially the story deals with six teenagers (Okay, Molly is only 11, but oh well) discovering that their parents are evil … not as in, “my parents wouldn’t let me go out last night!”, but as in all 12 of their parents are a group of super villains known as “The Pride” that rule Los Angeles with an iron fist.  Although the kids aren’t that fond of each other, they runaway to make amends for the evil things their parents have done, and along the way they discover each has some form of abilities or tools that can make them into crimefighters.

While the movie will probably only deal with the first story arc, it actually would have worked better as a TV series as there are so many little details to deal with.  A film will still be entertaining and engaging (if cast properly), I’m not certain how much justice it can do to the story.

While it is set in the Marvel universe, as seen by appearances by Cloak & Dagger and Captain America in the first story arc), it doesn’t necessarily have to be.  They can easily make the project a stand-alone story, and I actually think it will work better that way.

We’ll see if the movie really does come to life finally, and with San Diego Comic Con being next week, I would imagine that will be where official word will happen.  It sure would be nice to see a smaller Marvel project than just the constant A-list characters.

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Okay, first off, the Old Spice YouTube campaign today had to be one of the best uses of social media as a marketing tool.  Yes, you read that right, Steven and I actually praise a marketing program … the world may be ending.

The iPhone 4 has issues … piles and piles of issues.

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Aimee Louise SwordAimee L. Sword has plead guilty to committing incest with the son she gave up for adoption as an infant.

Ms. Sword was accused of having committed incest with her biological son in 2008 after having tracked him down via Facebook. She was upset when the adoptive parents did not send her the annual picture and update on the child she had given up for adoption when he was an infant. Using the popular social network, she tracked him down and began communicating with him via the site.

The boy was 14-years-old at the time of the contact, and Sword’s attorney, Mitchell Ribitwer told The New York Daily News, “When she saw this boy, something just touched off in her—and it wasn’t a mother-son relationship, it was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.”

The boy’s parents became aware of the communications between Ms. Sword and her son, but not the nature of the relationship.  They gave permission to their son to visit her, and even spend the night at her home.  The nature of the relationship only became known when the boy told a counselor about what was transpiring.

In her guilty plea, Ms. Sword admitted to only one instance of sexual intercourse with her son, but the authorities claim there were multiple incidents including a hotel room and her home.  At the time of the incident(s), Ms. Sword was married with five other children ranging in age from toddlers to teens.

Ms. Sword has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, and will serve a minimum of nine years.

I will admit that in my original post, I wasn’t sold on the story as there seemed to be so little evidence, but apparently there was a lot more than we knew.


Ah yes, welcome to yet another Moronic Monday.  Sit back, pop open a can of sandwich and enjoy the show as Steven and I fight our way through another week of stupidity.

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world cup 2010It’s hard to believe, but it’s over.

After 30 days and 64 games, World Cup 2010 has come to a close in South Africa.  Spain took home the trophy after a 1 to 0 victory over the Netherlands in overtime.  It was a tense game, but it sadly proved what I thought of Spain through out this entire tournament: they came in expected to win, but scoring eight goals in seven games pretty much tells you they got through based on their group.  They did not put in a World Cup worthy performance over the course of the month in my eyes, but what is done is done, and now we start the four year track to Brazil.

Before saying good bye to South Africa, let us hope FIFA stick to its word and reviews the use of video technology.  It’s time has come and would have solved a lot of problems this year.

Let us hope we never have to hear the word (or sounds of) vuvuzelas ever again.

And before we leave the dark continent, Shakira performed the official song “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” at the closing ceremonies.

And now we start the slow, long march towards Brazil in 2014.

It’s impossible to predict what countries will even be in the group of 32 when the tournament begins on June 13, 2014 (except of course the host nation).  My personal prediction?


If Germany holds together the team we saw this year, which only lacked in experience due to their young ages, and they get four years of experience under their belts, they could be an unstoppable force.  They were tight, they were cohesive and they were one of the few teams that played as an actual team.  They were by far one of my favorite teams to watch this year, and I was rooting for them to go all the way, but at least they came in third.

Things may also be very different in this country come 2014 for the popularity of the sport.  Deadline Hollywood reports the final game pulled in 15.5 million viewers, the highest ratings ever for a football game broadcast in English in the United States.  Perhaps some of you are finally catching up to this amazing sport, and hopefully you’ll be tuning in again comes 2014.

I know I will be.


writingOnly 46 this week?  Wow, I must be slacking!









Lets get it out of the way right now … Transformers 3 will suck.  I have no delusions, I have not been swayed, I know the “plot” will be some loose collection of events strung together that supposedly will resemble a story, but it’ll be eye candy for sure.

All that being said … OPTIMUS PRIME HAS HIS TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!  (click the image for the full view)

The film is in Chicago this weekend filming, and the big surprise that no one saw coming was Optimus Prime hauling around his trailer.  This isn’t just for show or transport but is being used in actual filming, and in this video you can see him cornering pretty fast with it right into an explosion.  In the clip before you can see him pulling it during a chase scene (also seen are Bumblebee, the new Ferrari, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Jolt and three unknown NASCAR cars)

The reason this is such big news is the first release of the toy back int he 1980’s came with a trailer that folded out into a headquarters, and he always had it in the cartoon.  Michael Bay had said in the past they weren’t using it because he didn’t know what to do with it when Optimus would transform.  In the cartoon it just always disappeared into the background, and would reappear when he went back to truck form.  You never knew where it went, it just wasn’t there.  So we’ll see how Bay gets around this.  (I’m also betting nothing in the movie will be said about why he suddenly has it)

The big mystery is the three NASCAR cars, here are pictures of two of them

There has been some speculation these may be Stunticons, a sub-group of Decepticons that combine to form Menasor.  This is a similar concept to the Constructicons seen in the second film, but as of right now no one can see any Decepticon or Autobot insignias on any of the three cars.  From the amounts of weapons on them, I would say they are bad guys.  Of course, there is an off chance they are human made vehicles, but that seems pretty unlikely.

I still have every confidence that in typical Michael Bay fashion this film will suck just as bad as the other two, but the inclusion of the Optimus Prime trailer at last gets me interest up some.

[Optimus trailer and blue NASCAR image from Siebertron, green NASCAR from TFW2005]

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Robert Rodriguez has a style of his own. It’s distinctive, you recognize it immediately, and at least you can say it doesn’t really look like anything else coming out of Hollywood these days.

Machete started life as one of the fake movie trailers in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino joint project, Grindhouse.  It turned out that Rodriguez had a script sitting around for this movie, but he had never gotten around to it.  After people said how much they liked the trailer, and Danny Trejo who played the title character in it prompted him, he decided to go forward with a full movie.

Adding in Cheech Marin who Rodriguez works with a lot, Jessica Alba who had been in Sin City and a host of other actors, he was set, and we end up with another film from this director with odd guns, strangely attired assassins and you get what looks like another fun movie.

There is no doubt that Rodriguez is a specialized taste, but what a taste it is.  Check out the trailer below.


I have no clue how we got to episode #100, but here we are, and it’s on Techmeme Friday even!

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It’s episode #103 of Scattercast and this week is mostly about computer viruses.

Vacation 2010 is set … yes, instead of going 13 years between vacations, it’s only 13 months this time, but there is a common thread from last year …

CES 2011, here I come!

Couple other things, but not a lot this week.

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Yep, it’s another one of those episodes where Steven and I kind of wander all over the place, but most of it makes sense any way … I think.

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emmyThe nominations for the 2010 Primetime Emmys are out, and like some sort of idiot, I decided to run the entire list … yes, even “picture editing”.

The most nominated series is Glee with 19, followed by Mad Men at 17.  The most nominated show though was HBO’s mini-series The Pacific with a whopping 24, however a boat load of those were in the technical areas.  Here is a breakdown of some of the shows with the most nominations.

24 Nominations
The Pacific

19 Nominations

17 Nominations
Mad Men

15 Nominations
Temple Grandin
30 Rock
You Don’t Know Jack

14 Nominations
Modern Family

12 Nominations
82nd Annual Academy Awards
Saturday Night Live

9 Nominations
Dancing With The Stars
Georgia O’Keeffe
The Good Wife

8 Nominations
Nurse Jackie

7 Nominations
The Amazing Race
Breaking Bad
Return To Cranford (Masterpiece)

6 Nominations
American Idol
The Kennedy Center Honors
Two and a Half Men

5 Nominations
The Big Bang Theory
The National Parks: America’s Best Idea
The Special Relationship
True Blood
The 25th Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Concert

In the most amusing turn of events, The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien earned four nominations, while Jay Leno earned none for his primetime disaster or his return to The Tonight Show.

Overall the big winner this year is HBO with 101 nominations, but that still ranks as only its third highest year for nods.

Nominations are behind the “Continue Reading” link, and my apologies to those of you right now reading via RSS …

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