Runaways, the award winning comic series from Marvel Entertainment, looks to finally be going before the movie cameras this Jan. Of course, this movie has been in “development hell” since 2007, so there is still no guarantee it will really happen.  However, all that being said, as a recent convert to the series, I am really hopeful… read more

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Okay, first off, the Old Spice YouTube campaign today had to be one of the best uses of social media as a marketing tool.  Yes, you read that right, Steven and I actually praise a marketing program … the world may be ending. The iPhone 4 has issues … piles and piles of issues. (Links… read more

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Aimee L. Sword has plead guilty to committing incest with the son she gave up for adoption as an infant. Ms. Sword was accused of having committed incest with her biological son in 2008 after having tracked him down via Facebook. She was upset when the adoptive parents did not send her the annual picture… read more

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Ah yes, welcome to yet another Moronic Monday.  Sit back, pop open a can of sandwich and enjoy the show as Steven and I fight our way through another week of stupidity. (Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode) Darts from the iPhone to the iPad – TUAW Boob Tube –… read more

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s over. After 30 days and 64 games, World Cup 2010 has come to a close in South Africa.  Spain took home the trophy after a 1 to 0 victory over the Netherlands in overtime.  It was a tense game, but it sadly proved what I thought of Spain through… read more

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Only 46 this week?  Wow, I must be slacking! Kitten Freaks Himself Out Canadian, Please Fast Lane – The Slide The Super Fast Cat Attacks – Ninja Cat Twilight: For Guys!! Twilight Eclipses Vampire Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber ImageRights now offering a free tool to help protect image copyrights Fred… read more

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Lets get it out of the way right now … Transformers 3 will suck.  I have no delusions, I have not been swayed, I know the “plot” will be some loose collection of events strung together that supposedly will resemble a story, but it’ll be eye candy for sure. All that being said … OPTIMUS… read more

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July 10 2010

Machete Trailer

Robert Rodriguez has a style of his own. It’s distinctive, you recognize it immediately, and at least you can say it doesn’t really look like anything else coming out of Hollywood these days. Machete started life as one of the fake movie trailers in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino joint project, Grindhouse.  It turned out that… read more

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I have no clue how we got to episode #100, but here we are, and it’s on Techmeme Friday even! (Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode) What’s bigger than 1080p?  4K video comes to YouTube – YouTube Blog Larry Page: Jobs is rewriting history – Fortune Exclusive: Want… read more

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It’s episode #103 of Scattercast and this week is mostly about computer viruses. Vacation 2010 is set … yes, instead of going 13 years between vacations, it’s only 13 months this time, but there is a common thread from last year … CES 2011, here I come! Couple other things, but not a lot this… read more

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Yep, it’s another one of those episodes where Steven and I kind of wander all over the place, but most of it makes sense any way … I think. (Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode) Damn Telus that was fast – WinExtra Image of the Day: An Apple… read more

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The nominations for the 2010 Primetime Emmys are out, and like some sort of idiot, I decided to run the entire list … yes, even “picture editing”. The most nominated series is Glee with 19, followed by Mad Men at 17.  The most nominated show though was HBO’s mini-series The Pacific with a whopping 24,… read more

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