August 3 2010

Transformers 3: Revenge Of The Cash Register

While I have hated both Transformers movies, I have appreciated what they have done for the toy line.  I may be 39, but I still have a deep love of toys, and I collect those that interest me.

All that being said, all of the pictures popping up from the filming Chicago seem to indicate that we are about to hit with an onslaught of toys unlike anything we’ve seen before in the Transformers universe, and I sadly think characters are being dropped into the movie at this point strictly to up the toy count.

No, this isn’t some great revelation, and it is certainly not unprecedented, but the number of new Autobots showing up in Chicago is verging on the insane.  And while only two brand new Decepticons are known for sure at this point, that is mainly because their vehicle modes aren’t conducive to being seen on set.  However, here is a list of what has been seen thus far:

(List updated on 8/5/10 with the removal of “Rollbar” as it turned out to be a fan prank, and the addition of Wheelie)

The Autobots in Transformers 3

The Decepticons in Transformers 3

The thing is, we have no clue how big a role any of the new characters play, but they are sure to get toys.  Two of the worst instances of this in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a Decepticon named Sideways who was in the film merely to be killed off by Sideswipe in the opening minutes, and the other was an Autobot named Jolt who was seen in the background of I believe two scenes.  Not only did he get one toy, but he got two.

Of course nothing says you are required to buy every movie related toy that comes out, and I don’t, but there are completists out there, and I feel like they are about to be taken for a huge ride.  There is no way the Decepticon list is complete yet (We’re assuming Starscream is in the movie, but nothing has been seen on set yet to confirm this), so who knows how many more that will add to the roster.

Here’s an idea for Michael Bay: Try making the best movie you can, and not just a two hour commercial for a whole new line of toys.  Did Ratchet really need a new paint job?  You can count the number of lines this character has said in both movies on two hands.  Did Skids and Mudflap, who most people hated in the last movie, even need to be included?  (Bay has denied they’re in the movie, but the cars have been spotted on set multiple times)

Start saving your pennies everyone, the series is going out with a bang.

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