August 16 2010

Woman Poses As Teen Boy To Lure Young Girls For Sex

It would appear the new fun thing for female sexual perverts to do is to pose as teenage boys on social networks and try to lure young girls into their webs of deceit.

Last week I told you the story of Patricia Dye and how she lured teen girls into her life by posing as a teen boy.  She got away with dating multiple teen girls by posing as a boy named Matt Abrams, and not revealing she was a woman to her victims in spite of sexual acts having occurred.

Very rarely do you hear about women omitting sex crimes, but now having a second story to you about such a subject in under a week seems to indicate the number of women doing this is on the rise.  The newest woman accused of such acts is Alexsa Mirabal, 31-years-old from Roy, NV, who appears to have posed on social networking site MySpace for quite some time to lure young girls into relationships with her.

Ms. Mirabal took on the guise of “Alex”, a teenage boy, to talk with the young girls, and even went so far as to talk to the mother of one of the girls on the phone, successfully convincing her that she was a boy instead of her true gender.  She apparently dated one of the girls for two years, only revealing her gender to the girl when they met for their first date, but by that time the girl was so enamored with “Alex” that she went out on the date with her anyway, leading to the lengthy relationship.

Apparently the police learned of Ms. Mirabal when a second teen girl came forward out of jealousy learning that the accused was seeing both of them at the same time.

Normally this is where I would make some comments about this case in this space, but a comment on one news story got me to doing some research, and there appears to be some mental issues going on here that date back to Ms. Mirabal’s teens.  It certainly doesn’t excuse her actions, but you have to wonder a bit as to what exactly is going on.  From what I can gather, she was lured in by an older woman in her teen years and ended up sticking with her.  Of course the old saying of “two wrongs don’t make a right” pops into my head at this point, but it appears this may not be as cut-and-dry as most of the news stories are making it out to be.

Whatever the case ends up being here, you do have to kind of wonder about the sudden uptick in female lesbian predators.

[Hat tip to Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins for bringing this case to my attention]

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