September 6 2010

Georgia Town Outlaws Baggy Pants

Here we go again, another town is going to be levying fines and community service at people who wear baggy pants. Really? This is what you are doing with governmental time in a time of financial crisis? Wow.

According to CNN, the city of Dublin, GA will begin fining people $25 for the first offense of wearing pants or skirts that fall more than three inches below their hips, exposing flesh or under garments.  On the second offense you will be fined $200, and both offenses carry the possibility of community service time with them.

baggy pantsDidn’t I already write up this story in 2008? Oh yes, I did, except it was in Florida.

Since I already expressed my exasperation with the insanity of such laws back at that time, let me wonder this time why clothing laws stop a sagging pants.  In the case of the city of Dublin they are counting it as indecent exposure, so lets wonder about some other possible cases, shall we?

How are baggy pants riding low any different than the things I just listed?  I think baggy pants are idiotic, but at the same time someone may think the way I wear a certain piece of clothing is equally idiotic.

People claim this is offensive and indecent … I suggest you get a new sense of decency.  There is actually far worse going on around you than the baggy pants, but for whatever reason you choose to ignore all of those things.  How about this wild idea that you just keep it with it so long as no sexual anatomy is shown, it’s good enough.  Spending time, effort and government funds on enforcement of some sort of dress code is waste at its best.  You have absolutely nothing better to do with your time?  Bull.

Although I am still fully in favor of arresting frat boys who “pop the colla”.

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