September 19 2010

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2010

It never ceases to amaze me each year when Sept. 19th rolls around how International Talk Like A Pirate Day just keeps rolling along.

This year I decided I should be a tad bit more pirate like and used a pirate name generator to come up with my name.  Saldy it came back with Cap’n Roger Dullblade. I’m less than thrilled.

Then every pirate needs a ship, so I headed over to the pirate ship name generator, and I got Hades’ Mermaid.  Okay, I can live with that.

And, finally, I needed to translate my boring old English into pirate, so I used the pirate talk translator to write you the following:

I said, “Dearest readers, I hope you have a marvelous, and fun filled, Talk Like A Pirate Day.”

Which translated to, “Dearest readers, I hope ye be havin’ a marvelous, an’ fun filled, Talk Like A Sea dog Tide.”

… apparently I’m horrible at being a pirate.

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