September 21 2010

How I Met Your Mother Just Needs To End

How do you know a TV show has gone on too long? When your sixth season opens and we still haven’t met the character mentioned in the title.

I’ve given up on reviewing TV shows in general, but I have now just reached a point of anger with How I Met Your Mother. The concept was cute at the beginning that we would see Ted sitting down with his kids in 2030 and telling them how he and their mother met. As the show has progressed, the producers have informed us that Ted is telling this story to his kids in one sitting, but that story telling has now entered its sixth season.

Yes, that’s right, for six season Ted’s kids, and in turn the audience, have dealt with every little nuance of a seemingly endless story.  With each woman Ted meets and dates you get a moment of hopefulness that we have finally met her, but then we’re once again smashed.  We have clues to her identity (that frikkin’ yellow umbrella), but never any pay off.

I have mainly continued to watch due to my love of Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan, but having seen the sixth season premiere, I just don’t know if I can take any more.  The main reason is that we have been pretty well led to believe the mother is the roommate of a woman Ted had one disastrous date with.  He ran into this girl at his usual bar, and she was talking with a blonde woman that Ted thought might be the roommate whom he has only seen the ankle of, and we spend the whole episode thinking that perhaps we are finally closer than ever before to meeting her.

Except, of course she wasn’t, and the eventual act of the two women kissing (apparently said girl realized she was a lesbian after dating Ted) was telegraphed so early in the episode that it was actually sad to watch it play out.

The writing of the series has become pathetic as they attempt to stretch out this never ending search for the mother, and this is mainly because I think they’ve come to realize that once we meet her, we just simply won’t care any more.  The title sets up the situation, and the mother is the MacGuffin.  Once she’s introduced there just won’t be anything driving the plot.  Sure they could show us the course of the relationship, but no one would care if they hit a rough patch because, well, you know, she’s the mother Ted is talking about in 2030.

It’s time to call it a day folks.  When people are making the videos like the one below, you know you’ve just gone too far.

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