October 12 2010

Is Johnny Depp The Coolest Guy In Hollywood?

I have gotten to a point where I just can’t stomach any more stories of celebrities that behave badly. Whether it be Lindsay Lohan being arrested again, or Paris Hilton being found with cocaine in Las Vegas, it just never seems to be any positive stories about these insipid people. So, isn’t it sad when we have to all go “what?” when one does something actually heartwarming without any personal gain from it?

Last week, Johnny Depp, arguably one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now, paid an unannounced visit to Meridian primary school after he received a letter from nine-year-old Beatrice Delap.  Ms. Delap had written to “Jack Sparrow” to ask for his help in running a mutiny against the school’s teachers, and since he was nearby filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, he decided to stop by to tell her in person to say it was a bad idea.

Actually, excuse me, Mr. Depp didn’t come by, but Capt. Jack Sparrow did.

Calling the school only ten minutes before he arrived,  Capt. Sparrow along with a few other assorted pirates showed up a the school looking for Ms. Delap, where he showed he had her letter with him and chatted with other students.  Everyone then went to the auditorium for a quickly arranged assembly, and Capt. Sparrow entertained the kids for 15 minutes, never once turning into Johnny Depp.

While it would be easy to say this was a promotion for the film, it is still months away from release, and staging something like this now wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Also, Mr. Depp … er … Capt. Sparrow has been known to show up hospitals to entertain children in cancer wards, so this isn’t totally unusual for him.

How sad is it that you have to point out someone doing something fun for his fans?  How easy would it have been for Depp to ignore the letter and just go about his day?  Instead just about every media outlet out there has covered this story because it is so out of the ordinary in this day and age for an actor of any level to do something like this, let alone one who is estimated to have made $75 million from his last movie (Alice in Wonderland).

Good on you, Mr. Depp.

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