October 27 2010

The Rocky Horror Glee Show … Was A Total Disaster

You know, I have no clue why TV shows feel they have to do Halloween episodes because they rarely work, but sometimes you do one that is just so bad that you aren’t even sure it was about the holiday … or anything for that matter.

I have not watched Glee before, but I couldn’t resist tuning for an episode of a TV show that was billed as an homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And, yeah, I shouldn’t have bothered.

As for Glee itself, I’m not even going to bother commenting as I had no clue what was going on with the characters, although I can say with the amount of story progression I saw it must take you an entire season to get through any sort of character arc.  Speaking to The Rocky Horror Picture Show aspects, if this is any indication of what the remake that series creator Ryan Murphy wants to make … please don’t.

First off, I have heard great things about these actors as singers.  Please stop fooling yourselves.  They’re passable at best with way too much emphasis on song trickery to show off their supposed skills.  They are suited for Broadway-style deliveries for sure, but when you’re singing songs that are so well known, you should at least be remotely close.

While I understand that the delivery of songs is open to interpretation, the wholesale changing of the lyrics was just an abomination.  Yes, yes, I’m sure the censors would have reacted to some things negatively, especially in “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-Me”, some of it just made no sense.  As for the changes to “Sweet Transvestite” … okay, you changed the character to a woman to begin with, which was bad enough, but the lyric changes made the song make no sense, and I’m sorry, but Amber Riley just had no clue how to deliver that song without it sounding like some top 40 Beyonce rip-off.

If you’re going to do an episode that is going to garner obvious media attention, and bring in new viewers, you would think they might have tried to make it at least somewhat engaging.  Instead, I walk away from it wondering why in the hell it seems everyone and their sister seems to adore this show.  And judging from the comments I was getting on Twitter as the episode aired, even regular fans of the show thought it was pretty bad.

Good job, Fox.

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