October 31 2010

Tranformers 3 Gets A Title

Michael Bay continues to bring pain to the masses disguised as Transformers movies, and the next dose is on its way … with a really stupid title.

With the second Transformers film we started getting saddled with stupid tag lines.  Lets face it, Revenge of the Fallen wasn’t exactly an alternate title that made you go, “Wow, I really need to get to the theater and see this!”  And once you did see it … well … the Fallen  tried for “revenge”, but he never quite lived up to that word.

Here we are at the third film and we get “Dark of the Moon”?  Really?  I understand that the film has something to do with learning that the Transformers helped the human race with getting to the moon in the 1960’s, so that part makes sense, but the taglines on these sequels just seem suprfulous in general.  How about just calling it Transformers 3 and leaving it at that?

And the worst bit?  You already think Michael Bay films are a tad bit style over substance, so what will you do when the craziness of a Transformer’s fight is coming at you in 3D?  Yep, we’ll have to deal with the robots we can’t sort out in a fight already and make it even more confusing by showing it to us in 3D.  If any movie ever needed to not be in three dimensions, it was this one.

Way to go, Mr. Bay.  Way to make me dislike a series of movies even more when I should be loving them.

You can also click on the image up there to see a much larger version of the logo so you can see it in all its “glory” …

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