November 27 2010

Multiple Broadway Shows Closing Early Due To Low Sales

broadwayIt’s beginning to seem like the time around the holidays is also when we find out what shows on Broadway just aren’t cutting it.

Last Dec. I reported on a bunch of shows closing on Broadway (which probably ended up being one of my most controversial posts ever and led to a week long verbal fight with a PR firm), and here we are again with several shows closing.  Hopefully I can avoid the silliness of insanely rude PR people getting abusive with me via e-mail or spamming my comments this time.

The following shows are all closing early due to poor ticket sales:

According to The Hunffington Post, Elling is closing after only 22 performances, including previews.  The show open last Sunday and was expected to run until March.  In its first week the show grossed $145,000, but due to seating capacity has the potential to do $882,000.  Ouch.

La Bete and A Life in the Theater have been playing to half-full audiences in spite of their big name actors.  Life was scheduled to close Jan. 2nd, but instead will go dark as of this Sunday, while La Bete will hold on until Jan. 9th.

Mix a sluggish economy, holiday spending and ticket prices which have soared to astronomical levels, and Broadway just can’t keep up any more.  Unless you are putting on a huge production such as The Lion King, it just seems you can’t make it any more.

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