January 4 2011

Who Needs To Get There Today?

Yesterday it was a tale of allergies, and today it is a story of airport delays.

Can I just take a moment to say that traveling sucks?

I am a rather meticulous planner when it comes to planning my flights.  My first choice is always to take a direct flight as I loathe connections.  Back in 1996 I was on assignment to Huntsville, AL to cover the 30th anniversary convention for Star Trek with only a week’s notice.  Playmates Toys was footing the bill and had booked my flights for me.  I arrived in Cincinnati for a connection after it was scheduled to depart, but the plane had been held for me.  Nothing is quite as much fun as literally running through an airport with your carry-ons, knowing full well your checked bag isn’t going to make it.  (and it didn’t until the next day.)

Beyond always trying to fly direct, I am a strict adherent to the “arrive two hours before your flight” policy.  Yes, it means a lot of sitting around, but as I don’t plan to break my record of never missing a flight, I live with it.

However, when you do arrive two hours early, get through security 15 minutes before boarding is to begin, and get trapped in a tiny secured area and then learn your flight is delayed more than an hour … life just sucks.

So, even though this will be published on Tuesday, I’m writing this on Monday, trapped inside the secured area at Terminal C, Gate 85 of the Kansas City airport in this very situation.  And the fun bit?  My flight in Denver to get to Las Vegas is also delayed.  So, I’m going to get to spend some quality time in Denver.

I will say that I did this to myself just a tiny bit on principal.  There was a direct flight out of KCI to Vegas, but it was on Southwest.  As a “large” man, I was disgusted by that airline’s treatment of film director Kevin Smith in Feb. of last year when he was removed from a flight due to his size.  Not wanting to support that airline, nor face a possible similar situation myself, I opted to take a connecting flight on another airline.

So, here I sit.  A victim of my own principals.  And in Denver I will again sit, a victim of some bizarre statement of moral outrage against an airline that I have flown on exactly once, and have not had done anything against me personally.

Am I insane?  Apparently so, but at least I didn’t give Southwest any money … I guess.  Were there delays, waiting and frustration worth the “moral” victory to be able to say that?  I guess so, at least I will go to sleep tonight knowing a snooty airline didn’t get a couple of my pieces of silver.

Now … if I could just get to Vegas.

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