February 20 2011

Indiana Teacher Charged With Two Counts Of Child Seduction

mandy-jaredAn ex-Indiana teacher has been charged with two counts of felony child seduction involving a female student.

Mandy Jared, 33, was charged with two counts of child seduction, considered class D felonies, last week following allegations that were leveled against her last Dec.  Apparently a 17-year-old student told another teacher at Zionsville Community High School that she and Ms. Jared, the school’s art teacher, had engaged in sexual activity on four occasions, two of which happened in the school’s dark room.

The second teacher informed the school principal on Dec. 9th, 2010 of the allegations, and Ms. Jared immediately resigned from the school where she had been teaching since 2002.

It is unknown why Ms. Jared was only charged with the two counts that happened on school property, when the reports indicate there were four separate incidents between her and the student.  Jared surrendered to the Boone County Jail on Tuesday, and is expected back in court on Feb. 22nd to have the charges read against her.

And here we have our second entry in the 2011 teacher sex scandals category in as many months.  Sadly this isn’t an auspicious start to the year, and I’m sure there will be more of these as the year chugs along.

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