February 22 2011

Sucker Punch Music Trailer

Sucker Punch is due to hit movie theaters on March 24th, and they’re squeezing out one more trailer to try to garner some more interest.

I’ve been following the development of Sucker Punch since last summer, and it amazes me about the only time you hear it discussed is in the same breath as, “Zack Snyder will begin working on his new Superman movie … as soon as he’s done with something called Sucker Punch that none of us can be brothered to look into.”

There is no denying that this highly stylized film is not going to appeal to the masses, these types of projects never do, but damn it does look fun.  And, sure, the plot might suck, we won’t know until we see it, but somehow I think we will be visually entertained enough to not care.

Any way, enjoy this new trailer, and if you get a chance, check out the movie once it hits on March 24th.

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