February 24 2011

Alini Brito Claims Naked Calssroom Romp Was Due to Diabetes

alini brito and cindy mauroAlini Brito, one of the two teachers in the infamous James Madison High School lesbian scandal, is now suing to regain her job.

Back in Dec. 2009 I wrote up the story of Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro and how they had been discovered in a vacant classroom at James Madison High School by a janitor in what he described as an act of lesbian sex.

While both women denied the allegations, the school board found them guilty and let both of them go.

Normally this would be the end of the story, but it appears that Brito is suing the school for wrongful termination, and she’s demanding her job back.  The reason?  Mauro was doing nothing more than helping her with a diabetic attack.

WCBS and The New York Daily News have reported on the lawsuit filing, and it appears that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.  Brito had begun feeling ill during a school assembly, and Mauro offered her some candy that she had back in her classroom.  When the two got back to the room, Brito took to feeling worse, and asked to lay down on the floor.  She took off her sweater so that Mauro could place it under her head, and then her feet were placed up on a chair to help with her circulation.

It was sometime around this point when the janitor happened upon them and found Brito naked from the waist up and Mauro between her legs.

This has all been explained now by it all appearing to have only allegedly been a misunderstanding, and was nothing more than a case of one teacher helping another with a diabetic attack.

My issue with Brito, however, is two-fold.  I’ve known some diabetics in my life, and not one of them ever said to me, “I need to get these clothes off” (yes, perhaps a pillow, but still … eh) and neither did any of them say they needed to get their legs up for circulation.  True, everyone is different, but that still seems a tad odd to me.

Secondly, the school board had an investigation of the incident, and they found you both guilty.  I understand they aren’t a court of law, but there was obviously something to the charges for them to terminate you both.  Have you somehow miraculously just come up with new evidence that you somehow did not share with the school when it first mattered?  That’s … odd.

Again, nothing has been proven as of yet, and this is just a whole lot of allegations flying around, but something definitely does not make sense to me in all of this.

At least they didn’t involve any of the students if something really did happen between them.

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