March 6 2011

Movie Trailers on DVDs Are Pointless

green-band-trailerIn the modern age of streaming video, can we now please get rid of trailers on DVDs before the film so I don’t completely ditch the format?

While siting down to watch a DVD last night, I was rather annoyed by the concept of having to skip through some trailers.  While not anywhere close to being as annoying as the days of VHS, it’s still just a nuisance.

Studios are concerned about declining home video sales, but yet they continue to make watching discs an inconvenience.  When I pop in a disc, I’m forced to go through the trailers.  Not a horrible thing to once, but lets say you go back to watch the same disc a year or two down the road, are you going to care about seeing the same trailers again, or especially what amounts to advertisements for movies from a few years ago?  Short answer, no.

With the rise of digital downloads and streaming video, things that start instantly, why should I be force to even think about trailers any more?  Yes, I know it’s a minor thing, but considering I watch almost everything  via download or streaming now, so when I popped in that disc last night, the first in quite some time, I was just immediately struck by how antiquated this was.  If you insist on putting them on the disc, put them in the extra features or something, but when I start up a Blu-ray or DVD, I should be immediately launched into the menu and not have to fight my way to get there.

With that being said, I’ll go back to watching Netflix now, thanks.  If you want to dump the trailers, let me know.

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