March 13 2011

Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief

Help Japan posterAs the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami news continues to grow worse by the day with reports of a rising death toll, thousands still unaccounted for and the possibility of a meltdown at a nuclear facility, the need for assistance is growing by the day.

While Japan is undoubtedly a wealthy country, I don’t think anyone would argue that it would be difficult for any nation to deal with a tragedy of this magnitude on its own.  With that said, I’m going to spend another day beseeching you to open your wallets and donate to the disaster relief for this nation I love as much as my own.

You can donate by going to, calling 1-800 RED CROSS or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 from your cell phone.  (for those outside of the United States, the Red cross site will tell you how to do it locally.)

If you want to donate, but would like to also show your support, a couple of sites have released products that will see all of the profits donated to the Red Cross.  (thanks to Steven from WinExtra for pointing these out to me)  For instance, this “Help Japan” image in this post, which you can click for a larger view, is available as a poster for $29.99.

Adapt Japan Red Cross shirtIf you’d like to show your support wherever you go, Adapt has released a mens & womens t-shirt that mixes “JP” with the Red Cross logo.  They sell for $28 with all profits going to the Red Cross disaster fund.  You can check it out to the right.

No matter how you choose to donate, I just hope you will.  The devastation is going to take ages to recover from, and some of it may never be able to be replaced.  For now the immediate needs of these people are th essentials of life such as food, water, gasoline and so on, and that is what the Red Cross excels at.  They can not, however, do it without money.  Whether it be a direct donation, or buying one of these products, please, give what you can.  In these tough economic times it can be hard to to donate, and I get that, but please, do what you can.

I promise, I will return to he silliness you have come to expect from this blog, I just ask your indulgence for a little while longer while this mess in Japan gets sorted out.

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