March 15 2011

Gilbert Gottfried Fired Over Japan Jokes on Twitter

As the situation in Japan worsens, some comedians perhaps should realize that there is a line when it comes to jokes.

I have never been one for political correctness, and I will make a “tasteless” joke from time to time, but one thing I will never make jokes about is the loss of life or a natural disaster. It has nothing to do with being politically correct, it has to do with what I would not want to hear should I ever be involved in such a situation. For instance, in the almost ten years since 9/11, I have never made a joke about it and I never will.

Someone forgot to tell Gilbert Gottfried this rule of thumb.

Over the past few days, Gottfried made multiple jokes on his Twitter account that could be deemed tasteless to say the least.  Although the jokes have now been deleted, thanks to ROFLRAZZI, they shall live on for all eternity.

Gilbert Gottfried Tweets
Gilbert Gottfried Tweets

Mr. Gottfried has been fired from his role as the voice of the AFLAC mascot, it seems someone forgot to inform him that 75% of the company’s revenue comes from Japan.

He said somewhere that he was born without a censor button in regards to this situation, well then one has to wonder why he would have deleted these tweets.  I mean, if you pride yourself on not having a censor button, why not be a man and leave these “jokes” on your account?  Could it be because someone finally gave you some sense of humanity and made you realize that joking about the death of possibly well over 10,000 people isn’t exactly funny?  Joking about a potential nuclear meltdown?  Joking about the fact that an entire nation has been irrevocably changed yet again?  Perhaps someone finally told you that you simply aren’t funny.

I actually had a personal run in with Mr. Gottfried once in New York City at the International Toy Fair.  At the time he was promoting a voice activated water gun, which was a product perfectly suited to his shtick, and he actually made me laugh pretty hard as we just randomly ran into one another in a hallway outside a set of elevators.  What was once a humorous memory to me is now something I would rather not think about having breathed the same air as him.

Do I sound angry?  Good, because I am.  This was despicable no matter who would have said such things, and losing your job is a good start to the bad karma you should reap for making fun of such a horrific tragedy that will end up impacting the entire world on many levels.

Good riddance, Mr. Gottfried, hopefully you will never darken our doorways again with your brand of “humor”.

Please remember you can help by checking out the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief.

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