April 6 2011

Kent, WA Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Student

Barbara AndersonBarbara Anderson, a 37-year-old math teacher at Kentlake High School in Kent, WA has been charged with first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor.

Anderson was arrested in late March after it was discovered that the 17-year-old student she was allegedly involved with had told his uncle that he was having sex with a teacher.  Once brought to the attention of the police the investigation discovered that the student had gone to Anderson after transferring into her math class for additional help.  As time wore on he told her of his personal problems and she eventually gave him her cell number so that the could communicate privately.

Court documents report that the two became friendlier over a social network (which was named, but, yeah, I’m sure we can all figure out which one it was), and also began heavily texting one another.  The teen’s mother said that between Jan. 25th and Feb. 21st the pair sent over 800 text messages to one another.  There is evidence of at least one meeting between the two in the boy’s car where sexual acts were performed, and Anderson that asking via text when they could meet up to do it again.

According to The Seattle Times, the student was suspended from school on Feb. 4th due to a fighting, and a teary-eyed Anderson supposedly asked school administrators to reconsider their decision.  Four days later Anderson attempted to talk to the parents about the student texting her about his problems, this caused the mother to get suspicious and look into the cellphone account to find the copious amount of texts between the two.  This was when the uncle told the boy’s mother of what he had bragged about and that is when she went to the police.

The age of sexual consent in Washington state is actually 16-years-old except in the case of the adult being a teacher or in a position of power over the teen, and then that age increases to 18.  Anderson is currently on paid leave and has plead “not guilty” in her first hearing.

And here we have our third entry in the 2011 teacher sex scandals category for this year.  Sadly I can tell you I am skipping a lot of the ones that I see simply due to disgust at times, there is certainly no slow down in the number of instances out there.

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