April 11 2011

Japan Raises Fukushima Crisis to a Level 7

Japan mapThe crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant resulting from the March 2011 Japan Earthquake-Tsunami has been raised to a level 7 on the nuclear crisis scale, the highest it can go.

Despite numerous attempts to try to gain control over the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear reactor, things have continued to not improve.  With the assignment of the level 7 moniker, this disaster is now considered to be on the same level as Chernobyl.  The inability to cool the cores completely, and aftershocks continuing to be 6 and 7s on the Richter scale, what progress is made is constantly lost to concerns over the safety of the workers on site trying to control the emergency.

The facility is now filled with highly contaminated water, and about the only option is to cement the entire facility in.  The world’s largest cement trucks are currently en route to the facility to begin the process, but until it is determined how much water has leaked into the ground surrounding the facility, the true extent of this calamity will remain unknown.  The evacuation zone around the the location has been extended even further out in the past few days.

A month since the initial event, and things simply don’t seem to be getting anywhere near improving.

Please remember you can help by checking out the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief.

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