April 17 2011

New Tsunami Video Shows Just How Fast it Came

Yet another video of the tsunami resulting from the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami may be one of the must gut wrenching yet.

This particular video is labeled as “South Sanriku — Tsunami seen from Shizugawa High School” and may be one of the hardest to watch yet.  Up until now I would have given that credit to the first-person video that came out shortly after the event, but this one now takes the prize.   It’s a mixture of seeing the people scrambling to safety at the end of the video, along with the panic stricken soundtrack of those people around the videographer.  The moment that got me though was watch for the people on the stairs starting at 5:01.  When I first watched it I couldn’t tell what they were struggling to get up the stairs, but then I rewatched it in full screen mode and that is when you realize it is people fighting to get someone in a wheelchair to safety.

I admit it, I teared up.  And I am again just writing this.

I can’t even begin to imagine the nightmare this day was for those people.

Please remember you can help by checking out the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief. It has been over a month since the tragic events of March 11th, but they still need our help.

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