April 28 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon Trailer

The final trailer for Transformers Dark of the Moon has been released in lead up to its film’s July 1st release date.

Although the first two films were painful, and the third may be even more so due to being in 3D, it almost feels like a job now to finish this mess off.  While the first film was a trainwreck, at leas it was no Revenge of the Fallen.

The trailer does not show some of the characters we already know about such as the Wreckers (the three NASCAR cars spotted on the Chicago set), the red Ferrari, Megatron’s semi truck form, the firetruck we now know to be Sentinel Prime and so on.  You do get a good look at Shockwave (around the 1:29 mark) and Laserbeak (1:52 mark), but that’s about it for new characters.

This one is sure to suck as bad as the first two, but it somehow would feel wrong to not finish the series off.

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