May 15 2011

“Boston” Rob Mariano Wins Survivor: Redemption Island

Boston RobAfter four seasons, and 117 days, “Boston” Rob Mariano has finally won a season of Survivor.

First appearing in the fourth season,Survivor: Marquesas, in 2002, Boston Rob has gone on to play the game a total of four times, becoming one of the most notorious “villains” in the game. In the most recent season, Survivor: Redemption Island, he came back with a game similar to the one fans have seen him try to pull off before, but after learning from previous mistakes, he was able to finally pull off “a nearly perfect game” in the words of series host Jeff Probst.

While I personally have not been a fan of Boston Rob in past seasons, this year I found myself rooting for him from early on, realizing that he was the only playing a true game this year where others didn’t know what the heck they were doing.

Boston Rob famously married fellow Survivor: All Stars player, Amber Brkich, with whom he now has two children.  Between the two of them, they have both won a season of the long running reality competition, but Mr. Mariano proclaimed during the final hour-long reunion that this would be the end of his involvement with the series as a contestant.

It was a long road for Boston Rob, but thanks to his unwillingness to quit, his tenacity has paid off.  And in a sentiment I never thought I would utter, I couldn’t be happier to see Boston Rob win.

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