May 25 2011

Oprah Finale Closes the Book on 25 Years

Oprah finaleOprah Winfrey has closed the door on her show after 25 years on the air.

… Thank heavens that’s over.

I’ve been pretty clear over the years I’ve had this blog that I just plum don’t like Oprah.  Now, my dislike for her doesn’t quite reach my level of hatred for Rachael Ray, but she’d have to kill someone to catch up with “The Evil One.”

I’ve never cared for Oprah, but when she first popped back in the mid-80’s, she seemed mostly harmless.  Then came the “Oprah’s Favorite Things”, “Oprah’s Book Club”, O Magazine and on and on.  She was no longer just some harmless little talk show, she had turned into the leader of something that closely resembled a cult.  Whatever she told her group to do, they did it, and gladly.  She could make and break authors (and some of them nearly broke her …), she could bring corporations to their knees by promoting their products and then sometimes she carelessly threw around her power like she did with the school in Africa.

I will never understand how this woman came to mean so much to so many people.  She was a talk show host.  Period.  She did not cure a disease.  She didn’t bring a baby out of a burning building.  She didn’t even help an old woman across the street.  She talked to a whole lot of people and yelled their names.  This somehow turned her into a media mogul that unleashed people like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and … yes … Rachael Ray (like I didn’t already dislike Oprah enough).

The only solace I take in all of this, her new OWN Network is not doing well an the numbers are dropping rapidly on the fledgling cable network.  Apparently her magic somehow didn’t carry over to a channel dedicated to her.  Fine by me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any ill will towards Oprah, I just think she was … well … useless.  She was no different than any of the other hundreds of talk show hosts that have existed over the years except that she was spectacular at self-promotion.

After 25 years, Oprah is off my daily airwaves, and I couldn’t be happier.  Adios, Oprah, your only redeeming quality was your love of Cocker Spaniels.

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