May 26 2011

Final Network Rankings For 2010-11 Season

Aging TV watchersThe final ratings tallies are in for the 2010-11 television season are in, and things are not looking good for the broadcast networks.

It would seem that young folks are fleeing the television networks in bigger numbers each year, and things are getting a bit worrisome for good old commercial television.  The only channel showing any growth is the Spanish language Univision, everyone else is plummeting like a rock.

While everyone is down, NBC has been sitting in fourth place for years, and its problems seem to be escalating instead of slowing, let alone turning around.  They shouldn’t be singled out as everyone did poorly, but losing 15 percent more of your viewers when your numbers are already in the basement is not a good thing.

Disturbing across the board is the continuing rise of the median age of viewers.  It is obvious that the younger viewers are flocking away from traditional television in droves.  Spending time on the Internet, watching streaming video and a slew of other distractions, they just aren’t interested in watching TV, and even if they are, they watch it on their terms and not at some time appointed by a network programmer.

Here are the numbers.

Adults 18-49

Adults 18-34

Total Viewers

Median Age

It’ll be interesting to see next year’s numbers, but after the lineups of new shows I’ve seen, I’m not holding my breath for things to get better.

[via Deadline]

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