May 29 2011

The Hangover Part II Rules Memorial Day Weekend

The Hangover II movie posterApparently people didn’t get enough of The Wolfpack in the first Hangover film as they dropped an estimated $86.5 million over the weekend for The Hangover Part II.

The second outing in this R-rated comedy series took in $31.6 million on Thursday in addition to the weekend take, bring its four day total to $118.1 million, well ahead of the original’s four day gross of $52.6 million.  The original also took ten days to reach $100 million, so obviously it picked up a lot more fans from home video after its theatrical run.

Despite the fact that the film has received horrible reviews, the film has come in as the second biggest opening ever for an R-rated film, the biggest opening ever for a comedy with that rating.

It wasn’t a great weekend for all sequels as Kung Fu Panda 2 came in at $48 million, down from the $60.3 million opening of the original three years ago.  Translation: People were not that excited about a second helping of Jack Black as a panda with kung fu skills.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides dipped 56 percent from last weekend to bring in $39.3 million, bringing its ten day total to $152.9 million.  While in line with the percentages the previous films saw in their second weekends, considering the film started off with a lower number, it’s not a good sign that it dropped that much.

Overall it was the best Memorial Day weekend since 2007, brining in $270 million.  Factor in the higher ticket prices for 3D films, however, and attendance was down.  No matter how Hollywood sugar coats it, not as many people are heading to the theaters, and as opposed to trying to placate people with a special effect, they could always try writing better movies.

I know, I must be nuts.

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