June 8 2011

AMC Releases Walking Dead Season 2 Promo Pics

The Walking Dead season 2 has gone into production in the area surrounding Atlanta, and AMC has wasted no time in releasing some non-spoilery promo pics.

While I certainly had my issues with the first season of The Walking Dead, I’m sure I’ll be back for season 2.  Sadly, the first images released are not doing anything to help my issues with the show as now it seems that whatever causes the zombies is also capable of changing their bone structure?

In this first image, check out the African-American gentleman on the right.  Perhaps his flesh is rotting away, sagging so much to reveal his bone structure?  Then why is the rest of him not suffering a similar fate?

Walking Dead season 2, pic 1
If it was just this one picture, I’d chalk it up to poor make-up design, but … enlarged eyes and sockets?  Sure it’s creepy looking, but since when did zombie plagues start changing us from humans to to deformed creatures?
Walking Dead season 2, pic 2

Good job, AMC picking the creepy images, but you left me unsettled in the sense of I have no clue what you’re planning to do to annoy me this year.

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