June 23 2011

The Muppets Trailer

The Muppets logoThe Muppets are back, and they want revenge!

Okay, maybe not revenge … but they are indeed returning to the silver screen, and that is most definitely not a bad thing.

The last theatrical Muppets movie was Muppet Treasure Island released in 1996, and that is just way too long for them to have been out of the theaters.  (CORRECTION: Muppets From Space was the last theatrical film released in 1999 … I honestly thought that one was straight to TV.) There have been a few television movies since then, but they never had quite the panache of the theatrical films.  From the looks of this trailer, it appears we’re back to a message about friendship and sticking together, but with all of the usual goofy humor that we expect from them.

Jason Segal, best known for his role in How I Met Your Mother, not only stars in the film, but also wrote it.  Bit of a surprise, but kudos to him.  Also along for the ride is Amy Adams who has starred in a ton of movies and will soon be playing Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel.

My biggest question after seeing this trailer … how did they get all of the Muppeteers in that car scene?  Think about it, there’s a person under each of them operating them, that’s a whole lot of people under that car!

Check out the official site for all of the other parody trailers they released before this one.

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