June 26 2011

Magic Trackpad – Not As Stupid as it Seems

Magic TrackpadI’ll be the first to admit that when I first heard about Apple’s Magic Trackpad, I mocked it. I don’t remember where I mocked it, but I made fun of the concept somewhere.

Last Sept. I went to Philadelphia on vacation, and with some time to kill one morning, I swung by the Apple Store to just poke around and see what was new.  (mind you, the closest Apple Store to my home is a three hour drive, so being within walking distance of one is actually intriguing to me)  While there I was trying out all of the gadgets I hadn’t before as Apple doesn’t usually send out review devices.  With a large smirk on my face, I tried the “Magic” Trackpad … and instantly fell in love.

While I’m not a huge fan of trackpads on computers – I actually travel with a full-sized mouse – this is a completely different experience.  The size, the smoothness, it’s just a joy to use.  Add in the multi-touch gestures that allow you to do things like go backwards or forwards in your history in a browser and just kicks up the computer experience another notch.

I still use a mouse with the iMac for things like photo editing, but the “Magic” Trackpad sits next to my mouse pad, and quite often I find my hand going there before it goes for the traditional device.

Accuse me of drinking the Apple Kool-Aid if you must, but I am now a fan of the “Magic” Trackpad.  What I’m not a fan of … that blasted “Magic” in front of its name.  Until this thing pulls a rabbit from a hat, it’s not all that “magic.”

Before you go thinking I’ve totally lost my mind to Apple seeing as last week I discussed switching to an iMac as my main computer, next Sunday I will be spitting fire about what turned into a multi-day battle with iTunes.  “It’s never been easier to switch to a Mac” my hiney!

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