August 11 2011

Northern Japan Rocked by Another 6.0 Earthquake

Japan mapWhile aftershocks are to expected in the wake of a major quake, to be having ones that register 6.0 on the scale five months later has to be a bit unnerving.

News came this evening that the Fukushima region was rocked by another major aftershock to the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami of March 11.  Luckily no tsunami warnings were issued this time, and Tokyo Electric Power company (TEPCO) said that no further damage was detected at the reactor.

One has to wonder, however, when, if ever, this country is going to catch a break.  It was announced earlier this week that the population fell again for this past year recorded through March 31.  Not even counting the deaths due to the disaster, the count for the year came in at 1,212,094, while births totaled 1,065,909.  The economy was already in shaky ground, and the continuing decline in the population is not going to help matters for the future.  At the current rate, it is estimated that the population of the country will drop from 126 million to 90 million by 2050.

While there have been plans to help motivate people to have more children including a moths stipend to be paid to families for each child under 16, it has failed to materialize to the full amount promised, and now with the disaster, the government has said there will be no increase to the allowance.

Now there is a new wrinkle: A fear of radiation.  Women across the nation have been saying they are now afraid to get pregnant due to the potential for lingering side-effects from the radiation.  While health officials have said there shouldn’t be issues, try telling that to an expectant mother.

Five months may have passed since the initial disaster, but with every aftershock the nation of Japan is reminded that this tragedy will remain with them for decades to come.

Please remember you can help by checking out the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief. It has been over a month since the tragic events of March 11th, but they still need our help.

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