August 20 2011

Thor and Captain America Team-Up on the Set of The Avengers

Filming on The Avengers continues on the streets of Cleveland, doubling for New York City, and while the other day it was just shots of Chris Evans, but this time Chris Hemsworth joins in the fun as Thor.

While this is sure to be that much more exciting once it hits the big screen, seeing such iconic Marvel characters team-up like this is thrilling no matter what the quality of the video is.  Sure, we’ve seen films like The X-Men before, but we’ve never seen a comic book team movie that was crafted in such a way that it multiple movies come before it to prep the audiences for the back-story of each character.  You have to tip your hat just a little to the way the comic book company has gone about shaping this to make sure they can deliver the most interesting team movie yet.

Enough with the talk, lets take a look at some action.

Thor and Captain America team-up to fight those guys in the motion capture suits from the other day. I’m still fairly sure they are supposed to be the Skrulls.

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Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth rehearse for a fight scene.

Thor smacks a car down the street.  What a concept, a “practical effect” as opposed to CGI.  I will always take these over more computer graphics.

And some close-up shots from Splash News Online of the action.

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