September 1 2011

Superman Costume Gets Detailed in On-Set Photos

Filming on Man of Steel, the Superman reboot film, is currently taking place in Plano, IL which is doubling for Smallville in the film.  Thanks to this outdoor filming we have some images and … no.

We saw the first picture of Henry Cavill in the costume early last month, and it didn’t look too bad, the colors were just slightly off, but it didn’t look horrible.  Now we’ve seen some unofficial images which reveal some of the detailing and … what has Zack Snyder done?

Now, in his defense, this looks a little bit like the just released redesign in the comic book series, but not quite.  I never released how important the red briefs were until I saw this, and boy are they needed.

Superman Henry Cavill Set pic

I have to say that Cavill looks amazing, and eerily like Christopher Reeve, but that costume … what in the world were they thinking?  I can even somewhat take the piping, but the oddity of the “S” symbol just makes no sense.

Superman Henry Cavill Set pic

Oh this has left a bad, bad feeling in the pit of my stomach for this project.

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