September 2 2011

Star Wars Blu-ray Releases Sends Fans Into a Rage

Star Wars Blu-rayAs anyone who reads this blog knows, there are two things I love: Star Wars and complaining about things. Sometimes those two things even seem to come together thanks to constant stupidity of series creator George Lucas. Other times … I just don’t care.

The complete Star Wars saga is due out on Blu-ray soon, and as is his want, it appears that George Lucas has once again decided to change a few things in the films to update them.  While there are several noted changes, the one drawing the most attention is he fact that Darth Vader now yells “No!” before he throws Emperor Palpaltine down the reactor shaft in Return of the Jedi.  In the original he does this in silence, but now there is a moment of emotion.

Some fans are outraged and they’re calling for a boycott.

I’m asking, “You do know Lucas doesn’t give a flying hoot what we think, right?”  If Lucas ever cared what we thought, the whole “Greedo shot first” wouldn’t have happened, but at this point we should all know Lucas is going to do whatever the heck he wants to when it comes to these films.  If you wants to insert a scene of Jar Jar doing the hokey pookey for 20 minutes, you know what, he’s going to do it, and you’ll still end up paying to see it at some point.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who loves the original three films as much as I do, but you know what?  I’ve come to accept the fact these films belong to Lucas and not me no matter how much I might like them to.

So, yell, “nooooooooo!” all you want and don’t buy it, but talk about your wasted efforts on someone who just will never care.  Yeesh.

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