September 14 2011

J.J. Abrams Finally Set to Direct Star Trek 2

star trek logoAfter what seems like an eternity, J.J. Abrams has finally signed on to direct Star Trek 2.

After the surprise success of the first film in a new Star Trek series, people have been waiting for word that J.J. Abrams would return to direct the follow-up.  Reportedly the script is due to be turned in this month, and filming could begin as early as this winter with a release for next December or early summer 2013.

There has been absolutely no clue as to what this second film will be about, and considering the radical departure from the original story lines in the last film, there really isn’t anywhere they can’t go with this follow-up.

Considering all of the actors signed for multiple films we can expect to see all of the same faces back from the last film such as Christopher Pine as Capt. Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock.

Considering my surprise at how much I enjoyed the 2009 film, I’m all set for a sequel, but lets get this going as soon as possible!

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