September 21 2011

AFA Takes Aim at Ben & Jerry’s Over Schweddy Balls

Schweddy BallsThe American Family Association (AFA) has decided that the time has come for them to take their fight for decency into the grocery aisles.  Their target?  Schweddy Balls.

Announced a mere two weeks ago, the Saturday Night Live inspired ice cream has already hit store shelves (I’ve tried it, I liked it.)  One Million Moms, a sub-division of the AFA, has issued a statement against the new flavor and its “vulgar” nature.

In the past, Ben & Jerry’s has released controversial ice creams, like a special edition of Chubby Hubby called Hubby Hubby last year which celebrated gay marriage. It seems that offending customers has become an annual tradition for Ben & Jerry’s.

The ice cream is being released in a limited batch, which means it will be distributed nationwide but only for three or four months. If it proves popular, another batch might be forthcoming, but we hope not.

Ben & Jerry’s spokesman Sean Greenwood replied to the call for the protest:

The name is irreverent, but we’ve always been about having some irreverence and having some fun … We’re not trying to offend people. Our fans get the humor.

As per their usual modus operandi, the AFA is making a call for action that you should protest against Ben & Jerry’s, and as with just about everything this group does, I just have to shake my head.

This group takes offense at just just about everything under the sun, and as per usual there is next to nothing to get worked up over.  They get offended by “Schweddy Balls” as they don’t want kids asking for it.  What makes them think kids will know what the heck it means?  How about if they ask questions you just say it’s named that because there are balls of sweets in it.  If you don’t make a big deal out of it, they won’t even think twice about it.  However, this group is positive that the smallest thing will cause children to turn into perverted savages.

You know what?  It’s an ice cream.  Get over it.  How about you get worked up over something serious in this world that presents a real danger to children such as the lack of exercise, falling grades and in general how to get by in this world.  But no, by all means, ignore actually spending time with your children and instead spend your time writing useless letters over the name of an ice cream.  That is the perfect use of your time.

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