October 15 2011

iPhone 4S – I Have Finally Succumbed.

iPhone 4SI remember on January 9, 2007 falling deeply in love with the iPhone.

A few days later realities set in for me, and while I still liked the idea, but I also knew at that point it was more about the possibilities it represented than what it was at the time.  There was, however, another small issue for me: It was only on AT&T, and I loved, and still do, my service with Sprint.

So, after watching the iPhone develop over the years, getting more desirable with each subsequent release for what I wanted it to do, I was still waiting for that final piece of the puzzle to fall into place, and that was a release on Sprint.

All I can say is, it’s about time.

The iPhone 4S, the fifth iteration of the phone, finally made its way on to my network of choice, and I had to jump on it immediately.

So, yes, after years of trying the BlackBerry thing, and then moving on to Android, I have finally arrived at what I was originally looking for.  Will it live up to everything I hoped for?  Only time will tell, but except for one or two little annoyances I noticed immediately, I think I’m going to be pretty darn happy.

Enjoy the video below of the first few minutes I spent with my phone that were recorded for a video to go on TechnoBuffalo.  So enjoy my first ever unboxing video recorded of my first iPhone which is on Sprint for the first time.  It’s like a triple hit.

Here’s hoping to the iPhone and I having a long, healthy and loving relationship.

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