October 16 2011

Charlie’s Angels Heads to Heaven

Charlie's AngelsABC finally realized towards the end of last week what the rest of the world had already figured out: Charlie’s Angels needed to be taken off the air.

With Charlie’s Angels finally being put out of its misery, the total number of new shows to hit the chopping block from this fall season has risen to five.  The Playboy Club was the first to go and was quickly followed by H8R, Free Agents and How to be a Gentleman.

Most of the shows are burning off their remaining episodes, but production has been shut down on all of the shows so what has been filmed is it.

This season looked rocky to begin with, but the shows are falling even faster than I suspected they would.  I thought we’d lose one or two in the fall, a few more at mid-season and then several wouldn’t get second season orders.  Instead, these shows are doing to badly that they can’t even get complete their initial orders.

Pan Am looks to be the next series heading for the chopping block as it barely came in ahead of Charlie’s Angels last week.

Things are not going well in TV land, and perhaps it will finally tell the networks they can’t just slap any old thing on the tube and we’ll tune into it.  There are just too many options these days, so getting us to watch sub-par programming just isn’t as easy as it once was.

Poor, poor networks.

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