October 23 2011

Battlestar Galactica Coming to the Theater, and it isn’t the Good Version

cylonsYep, Battlestar Galactica is making its way to the theaters. Before you get too excited, it’s based off the original 1970’s version and not the far superior reboot.

Rumors have circulated for some time that Glen A. Larson, the creator of the original TV series, has been trying to get a movie together that follows the mythos of that version.  As opposed to the rumors that have floated around for some time, this time it looks like it’s really happening.

Bryan Singer, who directed the first two X-Men movies and Superman Returns, has signed on to direct, and this will be his next project after he finishes Jack, the Giant Killer.  The latest addition is to the production is John Orloff, an Emmy nominated writer for Band of Brothers and penned the upcoming Anonymous about the works of Shakespeare, as the script writer.

Speaking to Deadline, Orloff said, “I have wanted to write this movie since I was 12-years-old, and built a Galactica model from scratch out of balsa wood, cardboard, old model parts and LEDs,” Orloff said. “I love BSG, and I would pass on the job rather than frak it up.”

While it’s always nice to see someone live out their childhood dream, the original series was incredibly weak when it came to its underlying story.  “Robots bad, humans good … stock footage space fights!”  Yes, you ended up caring for some of the characters, but overall it was very simplistic and it was amazing the reboot ended up being as good as it was, but to go back to the original?  I have a really, really bad feeling about this.

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