October 30 2011

Fantastic Voyage Remake Moving Ahead

Fantastic VoyageWith absolutely no new ideas coming out of the Hollywood Studios, it was only a matter of time until someone got around to remaking the 1966 Sci-Fi schlock classic, Fantastic Voyage.

Apparently James Cameron is picking up where Roland Emmerich left off with a failed attempt at remaking Fantastic Voyage.  Currently in development, Cameron doesn’t plan to direct the new take on the story of a group of scientists who are shrunk to microscopic size and then injected into a patient’s body to perform a sensitive surgery.  According to Deadline, Shawn Levy who just directed Real Steel will be taking on the directions chores for this reimagined version of the story that will see a doctor who is injected into his estranged wife’s body to save her life.  Yep … it’s a love story.

What disturbs me most about this news was the following passage from the source article:

Of course, with the massive advances in filmmaking technology in the 45 years since Richard Fleischer’s version, Fantastic Voyage is truly ripe for a reboot.

… Why?  Just because special effects have advanced that somehow justifies yet another reboot to a movie that simply doesn’t need to happen?  How about we get off of the reboot wagon and get back to making something, anything that is the least bit original?  I know, there I go with that radical thinking of mine again.  How dare I.

I’m just waiting for the truly atrocious reboots to start popping up.  Aren’t we due for a new version fo Back to the Future?

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