It’s episode #169 and Scattercast is preparing to take off to the land of tea and crumpets. Some thoughts on the never-ending stream of productions coming out of Hollywood. Updates on the status of Scattercast for the next few weeks, short version is there won’t be an episode for the next two weeks. And, yes,… read more

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Once a staple of weekday morning kids shows, Woody Woodpecker has all but disappeared from the American memory. … so it makes perfect sense that someone is exploring the possibility of doing a new movie based on the character. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Universal’s animation house, Illumination Entertainment, is looking into a new Woody… read more

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Joining the growing ranks of rehashed TV shows being brought back is growing today with the announcement that NBC has ordered a pilot for The Munsters. Originally airing from 1964 to 1966, which was at the same time as  The Addams Family, The Munsters has had a cult following ever since it went off the… read more

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If there was ever a film project with the name “Tim Burton” written all over it, it has to be Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox, which bought the rights to the novel last spring, are in talks with Tim Burton to helm the project. Considering his resume… read more

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It seems if you put men in armor and make a movie all shiny, people will rush out to see it. The same folks who produced 300 came back with another period film, Immortals, and it did okay, but not exactly the best.  After a $15 million Friday, the domestic gross came in at $32… read more

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Apparently one can never live down their past, especially if it happens to involve porn. Back on November 2, Sasha Grey, an ex-porn star, took part in the Read Across America program by reading to 1st and 3rd grade children at the Emerson Elementary School in Compton, California.  She tweeted after leaving the school: Spent… read more

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That’s it. I’m done with Modern Warfare. The other day I was all excited about the release of Modern Warfare 3, after enjoying the first two games so much, I was sure the third one would suck me in just as hard.  What you see to the right is an image of how long it… read more

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It’s episode #168 and Scattercast had a bad, bad travel day. Some recapping of California, and most specifically how bad the trip home went.  Yay! And, yes, I’m still working on getting the embed player to work. subscribe to Scattercast via iTunes.… read more

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It took only about 24 hours for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to name a new host for the 84th Annual Academy Awards, and it’s the one they probably should have gone with in the first place. Eddie Murphy stepped down yesterday amid controversy with Brett Ratner who was set to produce this year’s show,… read more

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Apparently the 84th Annual Academy Awards is on the hunt for a new host as Eddie Murphy has dropped out after Brett Ratner had to step down as producer. After a week of saying insanely stupid things, director Brett Ratner has been removed, or stepped down, from his role as the producer of the next Academy Awards.… read more

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Like clockwork, it’s time for another entry in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. Or, in other words, “that time every two years where Sean disappears.” Actually, unlike with Modern Warfare 2, I haven’t been counting down the days this time around.  I still preordered a copy, I’m still about to pop it in… read more

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Apparently people who missed going to the theaters last weekend due to the weather made up for it this weekend by keeping last week’s top contender rolling in the catnip. Falling a mere 3.1% from last weekend, Puss in Boots brought in another $33 million. This is probably a little bit of an oddity due to… read more

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