December 6 2011

24 Film Back on the Slate for Filming in 2012

24 season 8It appears that Jack Bauer will once again be taking on terrorists in the near future, but this time it’ll be on the big screen as opposed to being in your family room.

Ever since 24 ended in 2010 there has been talk of a feature film coming along, but when it didn’t immediately happen a lot of people thought the project was dead.  According to Deadline, the film is now being fast tracked to match up with Keifer Sutherland‘s schedule that opens up come April.  Mark Bomback, who worked on that atrocious Wolverine movie, is currently tweaking the script and is expected to hand it in by the end of the year.  Nothing says quality like script tweaking a rushed project.

I would say I was intrigued by how 24 would work as a movie, but we got a taste of that from the TV movie they did, and the answer was, “not well.”  Not that the regular show was anything to get that excited to be honest, but a 2-hour movie was just that much worse to be honest.  Putting this on the big screen with a bigger budget will lead to it probably looking prettier, but I doubt it’s going to do much to improve the storytelling.

The thing is, no one will probably care.  So long as Jack yells “DAMMIT!” a few times and shoots a bunch of terrorists, people will still want to enter the world of CTU.

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