December 15 2011

Amy and Rory Set to Depart Doctor Who

Amy Pond (KAREN GILLAN) Rory Williams (ARTHUR DARVILL) It seems that Amy and Rory Pond are set to make their final jury through time and space sometime during the next season of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who series has seen its fair share of companions come and go over its long run, but it isn’t all that often that any of them come to a point where they nearly overshadow the Doctor himself. Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) is one for the books when it comes to the companions, and now it has been confirmed that she and her onscreen husband, Rory (Arthur Darvill), will be leaving the series in the upcoming season.

Current series chief Steven Moffat confirmed today that both characters will be departing the series in a “heartbreaking” storyline that will take place in the next season.  However, never fear, the Doctor won’t be alone in his TARDIS for long as a new companion is already being lined up.  He wouldn’t confirm any details about “he/she/it” except that it wouldn’t be long before we met them.

One thing the revived version of Doctor Who has done that goes far beyond the original series is giving the companions a lot more depth.  In the old series they were merely there to need rescuing each week, but in the new version they are fully realized characters that have to deal with traveling with one of the most feared men in all of time and space.  Rose, Donna and Amy have been three of the best companions in the entire history of the series (sorry, I just never really got in to Martha), and I would have to say Karen Gillan’s performance quickly catapulted Amy to my all-time favorite status.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of Rory traveling with the Doctor and Amy all the time, but even that grew on me with some patience.

With each change in the series of late you fear that the next thing to come won’t be as good, but if Matt Smith could win me over as the Doctor after I was sure no one would ever match David Tenant, then I’m willing to give another companion a shot.

… But you’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill, whomever you are.

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