December 29 2011

Apparently the World has Shut Down

28 Days LaterIs no one working this week?

Between my professional writing and what I do here, it feels like I’m the only one churning out any content.  (Well, not true, the rest of the staff at TechnoBuffalo is right there with me)  I mean, I understand we have two holiday weekends in a row, but does that mean no one can be bothered to make any news?  Heck, most of the sites I look at for television and movie news are either completely shut down or running a skeleton crew.  I’m sorry, but I know how blogging works, and you need fresh content to keep the eyeballs coming back, and that just makes no sense to me to just shut down completely.

Even those that are running, the majority of them are on auto-pilot with “best of this …” and “best of that …” stories running.  Heck, I saw one site today running a best of each month of the year.  Don’t you think that is stretching things a bit, folks?

Meanwhile, I shall carry on, bringing you pointless posts about … something.  Hopefully the world will return to normal next week, or at least I hope it will.  Meanwhile … everyone back to work!

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