December 31 2011

The Lizard from the Amazing Spider-Man Revealed in a Toy

A picture of The Lizard from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man film has been revealed on a toy, and … I’m not too thrilled.

While no official picture of The Lizard has been released, tie-in products have been showing up here and there that give us a glimpse, and the best yet comes from an upcoming remote control for a toy.  You can ignore the red dot on his head as that is a power indicator, but this is the best face-on image we’ve seen as of yet.  (You can click on it for a larger view.)

Lizard remote

While not horrible, I am a real traditionalist when it comes to this character, and this is pretty much nothing like he appears in the comic books.  Here’s one rendition of him from the books.

The Lizard

I’ve always preferred the more feral, animalistic version of the character, and it looks to me like he’s going to be too much of just a giant brute in the film.  If you’re going to do this character, at least do him right.  You teased us with him in the last three films, we finally get him, and this is what you do with him?

… I really hate Hollywood some days.

[via Idle Hands]

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