January 6 2012

CES 2012: Here I Come

CES LogoI’m currently sitting in a hotel in Kansas City, preparing to go to bed as I have to be up at the unhealthy hour of 5 AM to catch a shuttle to the airport at 6 AM. Where am I off to this time? Vegas, baby. Vegas.

No, I haven’t suddenly gotten an unhealthy gambling addiction, but I’m instead off to Sin City for a week of looking at gadgets at CES 2012.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s an annual gathering every January in Las Vegas where a 150,000 or so people show up to see all of the latest in greatest in gadget wears.  From televisions to microphones, anything that runs on electricity or a battery is pretty much on display at the show.  Want a super-thin TV set with Internet connectivity?  It’s here.  Want to see all of the latest phones?  They’ll be here as well.  Want a refrigerator with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity?  Yep, seen those at the show as well.

Now, I’m not going to just browse and drool.  Oh no, true believers, I’m going to work.  TechnoBuffalo will be there in full force this year with a team of six folks covering every nook and cranny of the show.  If you want to see what the latest and greatest is, make sure to keep an eye on our site, and if you want to jump to it directly, make sure to check out our dedicated CES 2012 page.

Everything kicks off Sunday evening with CES Unveiled, and then it’s a rocket ride of a week with press conferences, 1-on-1 product briefings, both tours and a whole lot more.  Be sure to tune in for all of the latest news!

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