February 7 2012

New Judge Dredd Images Bring Both Hope and Fear

Every time something new on Dredd, the new Judge Dredd film, I somehow end up getting both excited and fearful at the same time.

2000 A.D. released some new still from the upcoming new Judge Dredd film that show off some new shots of Karl Urban as the title character, and our first real looks at Olivia Thirlby as Psi Judge Anderson.  While the new photos give me more of the grimy, dirty feel this dystopian future should come with, I still just can’t get over how silly the helmet is looking.

The producers have promised this film will be more faithful than the last outing and that we won’t see Dress remove his helmet, and we won’t see him kissing the female lead at the end.  At least those are steps in the right direction.

Karl Urban in his father’s helmet?  At least the chin is working.

Dredd - February 6 - New 1

Psi Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) teams up with Judge Dredd.

Dredd - February 6 - New 2

Dredd fires his Lawgiver.  At least we finally see the eagle at shows up in some form on his armor.

Dredd - February 6 - New 3

Anderson dispenses judgement?  (I’d say the shot came from elsewhere … such as from Dredd)  The Psi Judges are telepaths and empaths, while they do some of the work of a regular Judge, they are not typically around for street duty.

Dredd - February 6 - New 4

The film comes out September 21 in both 2D and 3D.

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