March 7 2012

iPad 3 – What’s in a Name Anyway?

iPad 3Unless you live under a rock, you know that Apple introduced a new version of the iPad today. The big question, however, is what the heck it’s name is.

When Apple unveiled its third generation iPad today they merely called it “the new iPad.”  That’s it.  No numbers, no extra “HD”, nothing else, just plain old, simple, “iPad.”  Okay, fine, if that’s what they want to go with, it’s their call, but there is some potential confusion out there as the iPad 2 isn’t going away.  It will still be available – albeit for $100 less and in only one memory size – so isn’t there some potential for customers to get a bit befuddled.

Customer – I’d like an iPad please.

Employee – Sure thing, do you want the iPad or the iPad 2?

Customer – Oh, well I guess I’ll take the iPad 2 since that sounds newer.

Employee – Well, no, actually the iPad is newer.

Customer – (picks them both up) But the iPad 2 is lighter and slightly thinner and we all know tech gets smaller with each generation.  And it’s cheaper, so this must be the newest one!

Employee – You know what, yes, yes it is.  Buy the iPad 2.

It would seem Apple is moving away from numbering its products, and that’s all well and good, but when you have two products in the marketplace, and one is named “iPad” and the other is named “iPad 2,” well, perhaps dropping the numbering wasn’t the brightest idea after all.

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