March 13 2012

Seven Years On – Another Blogging Milestone Passed

Yep, another blogging anniversary has passed, and I can now say I’ve been on this site at least once a day for seven years.

Yesterday, March 12, was the seventh anniversary of me blogging at least once a day.  I decided to wait until today to talk about it as I wanted to go ahead and do my weekly movie box office report and, well, I needed something to write about for today.  Never say I don’t think ahead to make sure I keep this streak running.

I skipped celebrating last year because the sixth anniversary fell right in the middle of the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami, and it just didn’t seem like the right time to discuss it.  My dedication to this site does have its moments where it waivers, like just two months ago when Internet connections in Las Vegas were driving me insane, or when I was in England last year and I could either write a blog post or soak in more of the country.  In the end, I always land on the side that tells me to keep it going.

The only big question mark at this point is the future of Scattercast, my podcast.  My time has become more and more constrained, and the amount of time it takes me to produce each episode makes it a difficult thing to keep going.  I’m going to give myself a bit of a breather and then hopefully return to it in the very near future.

Otherwise, nothing is changing around good old  I still enjoy the site, I’ve met some great people because of it and even secured a few paying writing jobs because of it.  Can I say it’ll go seven more years?  Who knows, but right now I am at least targeting March 12, 2015 so I can say I did it for a full decade.  I may not write that many personal entries any more, but having ten years of my life to look over and read through?  Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

So, thank you to all of my regular and occasional readers, and I look forward to riding out at least another few years with you.

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