March 19 2012

21 Jump Street Leaps to the Top of the Box Office

21 Jump StreetApparently some big screen remakes of old TV shows can actually work.

In a rather larger surprise, 21 Jump Street not only did well at the box office this weekend taking in $35 million, but it also fared well with the critics. Who knew?  With a budget of $42 million, which seems a bit high for this type of film, it looks set to get into the black without much trouble.

The Lorax slipped another 41.3% to being in $22.8 million, bringing its domestic total to $158.4 million. The film has done so well that there is talk of the same team next working on an animated adaption of The Cat in the Hat.

John Carter slipped 55.2% which normally wouldn’t be that bad for a second weekend, but when your first weekend was pretty bad, and you had a $250 million budget, you know it’s making some Disney execs sweat.  The film brought in $13.5 million this weekend to make its domestic total $53.1 million.  Overseas the film is doing a bit better and brought in a total of $126.1 million thus far.

Project X keeps chugging along and brought in just over $4 million this weekend to bring its domestic total up to $48.1 million.

Rounding out the top five was A Thousand Words which brought in $3.75 million.

Next weeks sees the release of the highly anticipated The Hunger Games at a whopping 4,000 screens across the United States.

And after only four weeks of release, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance didn’t crack into the top 49 movies, which makes me wonder if it has already been pulled from theaters.

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