March 24 2012

The Hunger Games Gobble Up the Box Office

The Hunger Games movie posterApparently if you write a young adult book these days, you’re pretty much setting yourself up for some insane success.

Following in the footsteps of Twilight, Lionsgate released The Hunger Games this weekend and it absolutely destroyed the competition. Filmed on a $78 million budget, the first film in the trilogy brought in $68.2 million on Friday alone.  I don’t normally write up the box office reports during the weekend, but the numbers and records this film is posting are just staggering.

Current estimates have it brining in $140 million total this weekend, but with the Friday numbers being higher than expected there are some rumblings of $150+ million by the time the weekend closes out.

Where analysts are saying it succeeded was that unlike Twilight, this is not a female-only property.  It’s appealing to teen girls, women, males of all ages and those who wish to just know what the heck it’s about leading to it being called a “four-quadrant” film.

The good news is that it is also getting pretty much universally rave reviews.

Catching Fire, the second book in the series, has already had a release date scheduled for its sequel film of November 22, 2013.  With the success we’re seeing from this film, don’t be too surprised if the third book, Mockingjay, gets split it into two movies ala what happened with Twilight and Harry Potter.

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  • ZeRubberDuck

    Hunger Games was awesome :D me and my friends went and saw it. I cried. xD