April 1 2012

WestJet April Fools Joke Just Isn’t That Funny

Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but can someone explain to me how this April Fools joke from WestJet is funny?

I’ve seen a lot of April Fools jokes today, some of them a bit more successful than others, but the one WestJet – a Canadian airline – came up with just struck me as being in poor taste. KargoKids is supposed to be a new way to transport children on flights by putting them in the cargo hold of the plane, making for a child-free cabin.

I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling of dread when we see a family boarding a plane with a baby, but seriously? The idea, even in jest, of putting children in cargo like they are a burden on everyone, including the parents? I’m all for a good joke, but this one just struck me as callous and in extremely poor taste.  Maybe I’m all just a bit too literal at times because all I was thinking was, “You know, the cargo hold gets extremely cold.”

Sorry, WestJet, while you tied this into a discount coupon code for travel, I’m just not finding myself laughing.

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